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Released December 2017

Telling the stories of people in context of time and place

With a heart for any fate: Hazel's Memoir

A writer telling stories about "ordinary" people and their personal connections to history.

 Released April 2015

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As a writer and an avid genealogist, I understand there can be no greater mystery story than that of our own families.  Who are our ancestors? What did they do with their lives?

And, because I believe in preserving history as well as the power of the written word, I specialize in helping to tell the stories of a person or family's personal connections to history.

Now I have the privilege of using words to help bring into focus important stories about people, their families and their history.

 Released March 2014

Sharon S. Atkins

Genealogy Research

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 Released June 2016

In Her Wake: The story of frances elizabeth roads elliott (1854-1924) 

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How The Stars Aligned in '69: Historical context for the founding of the P.E.O. Sisterhood

A member of APG 2015-2017 Board, past President of AzCPG and nearly four decades of experience in genealogical research

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